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United Engineers is an associated company of United Envirotech Pvt. Ltd., (UEPL). UEPL is engaged in the field of Environmental Engineering since last 15 years, supplying total effluent solution for different industrial effluents covering a wide range of industries such as distilleries, pulp & paper, rayon grade pulp, pharmaceuticals, food processing, maize processing, dairies, sugar etc., to generate biogas and give the total effluent solution and has installed more than 60 plants.
United Engineers is a company in the field of environmental engineering, offering services utilizing the most cost-effective process/ technology for the cleaning and up gradation of biogas. United Engineers is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge gas cleaning technologies related to Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) removal as well as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) removal from gas streams such as Biogas, and vent gas streams and other unconventional gases.
United Engineers has the expertise to cater to almost every aspect of cleaning and up gradation of biogas. A commitment to continuous innovation and up gradation of process technology permits United Engineers to remain ahead of competitors.

United Group of Companies

  1. United Engineers
  2. United Envirotech Pvt Ltd.
  3. United Hydrothane (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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United Engineers

The company is providing turnkey solutions for gas cleaning and gas compressing systems for Biogas generated from anaerobic process. The Biogas containing Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide, and Carbon Dioxide is cleaned / scrubbed and methane rich Biogas equivalent to CNG (Bio CNG) can be supplied in Cascade/ Cylinder or can be delivered in adjacent Gas Grid.

  1. Up-gradation of Biogas. H2S Scrubber (Bio-Chemical) and CO2 water scrubber
  2. Operation & Maintenance
  3. Supply of Nutrients and Scrubber Accessories

United Envirotech Pvt Ltd.

A Pune based Environment Engineering Organization renders services in the field of waste water treatment plants. UEPL- a professionally managed organization has successfully installed and commissioned effluent treatment plants for high organic wastes from Distilleries, Starch Industries, Paper and Pharmaceutical Industries. The energy efficient UASB – Anaerobic digester which generates Biogas has provided renewable source of energy. UEPL is committed to satisfy the customer and strives to become the leader in the field of waste Water Treatment and Recycle.

  1. UASB – Sugarcane Industry, Distillery, Starch, Dairy, Paper , Brewery, Leather & Food Processing industries.
  2. U-LRD – United Low Retention Digester – It is semi high rate bio-reactor with less foot print and tall design. Works on UASB principle
  3. Bio-CNG Projects – We provide entire project on Turnkey basis for various types of feed stock.
  4. U-GSBR United Granular Sludge Bed Reactor – It is high rate bio-methanation Reactor with SS/FRP/PP Gas Solid Separator.
  5. Pilot Plant Studies – We undertake Pilot Scale Studies by installing a Pilot Plant at Client’s premises
  6. Solid Waste Digester – Tapioca Waste, Potato Peels, Dairy FAT, Sludge, etc.
  7. Revamping – Of the existing Anaerobic system to convert into UASB system
  8. Diffused Aeration & Nitrogen Removal – Sugar, Paper, Dairy, CETP, Pharmaceutical, Starch & Chemical
  9. RO – Starch, Chemical & Dairy Industry for ZLD
  10. Dissolved Air Floatation System – For FAT and SS Removal
  11. Operation & Maintenance

United Hydrothane (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The Company has been established with an aim to provide special and Niche Technology to specific customers. This will be an added advantage as the European product willbe available at Indian price. The company provides resource recovery plants.

At ‘United Engineers’ We offer Projects on EPIC basis as well on consultancy services along with solution, technical assistance and wide range of supportive services.

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